Grinding a Bankroll Using SNGs

Sit and go tournaments, or SNGs, as they are familiarly called, can be a good way for players who enjoy this format of poker games to win a regular, steady stream of winnings. Players who get a steady income from sit and go tournaments are called SNG grinders, and they play several tables at once in the tournaments that have a low to average stake. Sit and go tournaments grinders often win several thousand dollars a month – it can be a profitable way of playing online poker.

How does one become a successful sit and go tournament grinder? It is not difficult, but a certain amount of time and commitment, discipline and determination are required. There are some points to bear in mind, and some things that can cost a sit and go tournament grinder a lot of money – these errors should be avoided.
The first, most basic mistake a beginner player should avoid is giving in to the temptation of moving up into high stake sit and go tournaments. It is important not to over-extend oneself; to move up one step at a time, and to move back to a lower level if one is not successful at the higher level sit and go tournaments.
And what are the factors that an aspiring Sit and go tournament grinder should take into account? The first thing is bankroll management. The player should have a good bankroll in order to steer clear of a bust in case of a run of particularly bad luck. Such protection is vital and the importance of bankroll management cannot be overestimated – ups and downs in the game happen to every poker player and it is best to be prepared for the downs at any time. A player shouldn’t have to be concerned about money when he or she is making crucial decisions during the tournament.

Those who want to become Sit and go tournament grinders should remember that multi tabling sit and go tournaments can bring in healthy profits. So an SNG grinder should be skilled at multi tabling – in fact, this should not be attempted unless one has the necessary skills and confidence. Consider using tiled or cascaded views, ors sets as opposed to continual. When a player is multi tabling at a sit and go tournament, it is a good idea to move back to a single table if things are not going well. During multi tabling, the number of buy ins needed should be multiplied by 1.5.

Another good idea is to go online to find an SNG coach. Players can find low limit or middle limit coaches to help them with their sit and go tournament games.

Math plays an important role in an SNG grinder’s success. A player should know how to make ranges and equity based decisions based on better profitability. Push / fold poker strategies should also be used effectively.

The most important thing, though, is that a player should enjoy SNGs and understand the mechanics of these tournaments well.

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