Have fun qualifying for the Grand Live final 2014

If you are a fan of poker you will no doubt be aware of the fact that the Grand Live is set to conclude on Spain’s Costa Del Sol, in Marbella. This luxurious location seems fitting for one of the game’s most renowned tournaments.

The exciting thing about the Grand live is that it is open to anyone, whether you are an amateur hoping to try your luck, or a seasoned professional.

As the tour’s website Thegrandlive.com puts it, you can go “from your home laptop to a neon-lit casino in just a couple of strong hands”.

Qualifying is not expensive and so you don’t have to commit much to enter the game, but the rewards could be huge.

The tour began back in September 2013 in Malta and the action then moved to the picturesque city of Prague in December.

Winner of The Grand Live Prague title was Grudi Grudev who fought off stiff competition to walk away with a cool €61,475. Just think what you could pay for with that in your back pocket, a deposit on a house, or perhaps a year spent travelling the world.

The next leg of the tour will be Cyprus on February 25th and the finale will of course take place in Marbella.

Those lucky enough to play will be there from April 14th until April 17th, ready to do battle at the Casino Marbella.

In 2013, no less than 392 players were up for the challenge with the Grand Series of Poker Live Marbella title finally going to Mario Sanchez who ended up beating Kristian Johansson convincingly. Proving that it really is worth it, Sanchez walked away with €74,150 in prize money.

There are various different ways you can qualify for a Grand Live event at Paf.com, whether you are a Paf specific qualifier, or if you want to compete in the online finals, it is up to you. There is also a direct buy-in if you don’t qualify online and Coinflip Super Steps. How you do it is your choice, but Paf is there to support you all the way

Qualify for the Grand Live Final 2014 here


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