Here are a few good reasons to play poker.

Social rewards, entertainment, education and, of course, to make money.

Socializing is a major reason behind the traditional home game. Many friends like to hang out and play cards and many people become friends over the card table. If this is one of the reasons you wish to play, then stick with low-stake tables, where the games are more fun and friendly.

It’s entertaining. Online Poker or home is a competitive as well as fun.

The skills necessary to become a good poker player apply well to other aspects of life. This is where the education comes in.

Poker will help you to improve your judgment skills (reading people) and sharpen your logical and strategic skills (how to play your hand).

Most people play poker for fun, and some make considerable money at it. Poker is one of the few forms of wagering where you can actually win, and few forms of gambling where one can actually win money in the long run simply by being good at the game.

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