How to Play Late On In MTT’s

The practice of playing multi table tournaments or MTT’s has been gaining momentum over the recent years with a large number of participants opting for online poker games. Multi table games are those where the players take part in poker games at more than one table. This means the player will be active in more than one game; many players often play six at a time.

While a single table tournament played online creates a huge interval between the games, the player can make use of this time gap to try out his luck by playing on other tables. The middle and concluding part of the game are highly crucial in multi table tournaments.

This article aims to provide some hints on how to play late in multi table tournaments.

• Ensure survival: Playing to ensure survival is the primary step to be taken towards getting to the last stages of the tournament. Playing tight and gaining over the chips held by others can improve a player’s position towards reaching the ‘bubble’. The more chips that are in one’s possession, the greater the chances are for guaranteeing this player’s position during the bubble. The Bubble is the state of the game wherein the player who is next in line to quit the game will fail to win any money while the rest will gain a portion of the same.

• Play aggressively: After having ensured one’s survival during the initial and mid level of the game by playing tight and having collected as many chips as possible, the player can start displaying aggressiveness as the game progresses. If the player has a good hand, aggressive play can be managed by buying the blinds when they are large and doubling up with premium hands. When the number of players at the table lessens, playing more hands will turn out to be advantageous.

• Poker psychology: Closely observing the playing moves and facial expressions of one’s opponents might give one an insight into the strength of the opponents’ cards. Be careful when resorting to bluffs at this stage, as it might turn the cards in favour of either player. Calling a bluff towards the end of the game when one is not in the custody of good cards will be fatal for the player.

• Think before a raise: The player should refrain from calling a raise unless he is assured of a good hand of cards. Being in possession of the top rated cards gives one the opportunity to go in for the kill and re-raise with an all-in.
• Steal Blinds: Steal blinds with decent hands if you have good cards. When the others tighten up their positions with the blinds, steal it from them especially when you have a good stack of cards.
• Call a pre-flop raise at the right opportunity: Towards the end of the game, the player should remain cautious and ensure that he is not the one to call a large pre-flop raise. But on having a very good hand the player should go in for the kill and make a re-raise, thus putting more pressure on the opponents forcing them to go for an all-in.
Using well timed aggression and making wise decisions are crucial factors towards making it to the last stages of a multi table tournament.

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