Poker Bonus versus Rakeback

If you are looking for a new site to play poker on it is important to decide if you would rather have rakeback or clear poker bonuses.  Both options can add quite a bit of money to your win rate but come with their advantages and disadvantages.

By playing on a site that offers rakeback you will get a specific percentage of the rake you pay back into your account at the start of each month.  Rakeback will often benefit the players who play the most volume and play on the site for the longest time.  While most sites offer rakeback in the 20 to 30 percent range it can be possible to get up to 50 percent or more by being one of the highest volume players on the site.  Many times a good rakeback deal can make up a large percentage of players winnings and even turn some small losers into long term winning players!  Just think if you have a rakeback deal paying 33 percent and you pay 1000 dollars a month in rake you will be earning an extra 333 dollars to your account at the start of each month, just for playing poker!  If you are a serious player and will be playing on one site exclusively for a long time be sure to get rakeback!

By signing up with a site that offers a bonus you will usually have to make an initial deposit which is then matched by the site 100 percent.  That means if you deposit $200 the site will then give you $200, making your new balance $400.  The only catch is that the bonus is given to you as play a certain number of hands or pay a specific amount of rake.  If you need a quick influx of cash to your bankroll you can always clear a bonus on a site then move onto the next site offering a bonus.  Most bonuses can be cleared as quickly as a week or two giving you a quick and easy way to double your deposit.   Many top level pros started out hoping from site to site clearing bonuses as quick ways to build their bankrolls and move onto the high stakes without having to spend too much time grinding micro stakes for little money.

When it time to choose between bonuses and rakeback when signing up on a new poker site be sure to take time to consider all of the factors involved.  Think about your current bankroll in relation to the stakes you are comfortable playing, how long you plan to play on a site, deposit methods, software and most importantly what site you prefer to play on.


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