Semi-bluffing is an important weapon to poker players. If you cannot get semi-bluff in the game, you limit your options in winning the game and you make yourself a predictable poker player. Strong player should never fail to have semi-bluffing in his or her arsenal.

Semi bluff works well in poker in that you bet when you don’t get a chance of having a best hand. However, you can have a hand that can have a chance of improving to a best hand, such as straight draw.

You don’t have to be worried if you opponent folds because they can be folding superior hands, but if they call they can be having chances of number of outs of winning large pots.

The game theory on semi-bluffing says that a player should be able to make plays that can or will optimize their chances of winning the game. Semi bluffing is always an improved tool of winning the game because it gives players multiple chances of success.

The possibility of not having semi bluffing , will make you only win if you have a chance of hitting you hand and with semi bluffing, you will always win if your opponent hits his or her own hand.

Another theory is that the player should randomize his or her play so that his opponents cannot be able to develop specific strategies against him. The player should not randomize his semi-bluffs every time he should be able to fact randomize it with frequency.

The greatest player of poker game Doyle Brunson uses semi-bluffs every time he plays the game and more televised poker has allowed millions of poker fans and other players to see how Doyle uses his skills in semi bluffing. You can by the way watch Doyle Brunson play online from time to time at Doyles Room.

Other rules include floating in no-limit and pot limit poker game. Floating is a strategy that is used by many experienced and qualified poker players to win the pot against their opponents that are very weak in the game.

Floating in poker game includes calling the flop using a weak hand that you don’t use often in the play and you don’t believe your opponent can be having a hand and this will help you to shut down the betting, this will help you seal the pot with a bet.

Players on low mid stakes online poker are usually afraid to fire a second bullet on turn without using strong hand because they believe that you have to use a hand to call on flop on other opponents. Flop play usually works best in an experienced player; bluffs should be made often in order to win any game. This move is best made on turn than on a river. You will not usually want to give out free card to your opponent and make him or her call you on river bet.

Floating can be best theory if you use timing, you have to choose your spots carefully and do it severally or over doing it, if you have read your situation wrongly and your opponent continue betting on turn, it is wise to shut the betting down and wait for any opportunity that can come on your way.

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