The difference of poker as a card game

Well Poker is different from all other betting games and card games in a lot of ways, first it is distinguished hugely by its history, it is often regarded as one of the oldest betting games, said to have originated from the Persian game of As-Nas many report exists that states that the game has been here for centuries and had existed as one form the another in various parts of the world. Its one of the reasons for its rapid development into its various forms seen today, there are more then 50 forms of playing poker, each designed to suit the players skill and make the game more competitive. It is almost the only game that even novice gamblers can play and start winning.

It’s various forms invites everyone to test their hand at this gambling wonder and hence received a lot of popularity, it has become almost something of a world sport with tournaments and world series being conducted and its players have become huge celebrities in the world of Poker.

Also many books written about this game and strategies involved has almost doubled it’s reputation among gamblers and no casino can be complete without it, actually they cant even start without it, a recent survey shows 92% of gamblers prefer poker over any other casino game. But its huge publicities came from its introduction in movies like Rounders, Casino Royale etc… Allured millions to the Casinos to try there hand the most stylish game ever on the table, even T.V shows increased and spread its fame far and wide across the world like the Late Night Poker show which debuted on British television.

But the more distinguished factors of this particular game come from its technical aspects, first it’s a really simple game in all aspects and it is lot easier to understand it completely (though mastering it takes lots of experience) it’s like one of those ‘read from the book and start playing’ games. (but I seriously advice never do that), second it is also a lot friendlier and easier games to play than the other gambling games, mainly because of some features like betting limit, etc, also the probability of you winning a poker game is really high, actually the game is all about probability and believe me if you some what good at numbers you can really rock at the Poker table. The really advantageous part of Poker is that you are allowed to ‘Fold’ if you think your hand really sucks and you have no way of winning what so ever.

And it’s purely a Gentleman’s game and involves no dirty squabbles and foul mouthing, one of the main reasons for its huge popularity, it also is the thrilling games to play, and has more drama than a soccer game if you’re really passionate. But of the entire loveliest thing that makes it totally different, is its Game play, even if you don’t know anything about the game or just a novice,  all that really matters is your psychology and your mastery in bluffing, if you’re a great actor or convincing liar this your perfect ground to earn.


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