Understanding Positions

In a game of Texas Hold’em, the position on which a player is playing is changes the way the way he plays. Although, the most important things in the game, on which the game play of a player depends is the value of the hand and the size of the chip-stack, but the position on which the player is sitting matters a lot too.

You may ask what the big deal about the position? But the position of a player alters the way in which he makes his decisions. A player can put significant pressure on the other players if he positioned strongly on the table, but this can only be doe if he understands the significance of it. There are 4 types of positions in a game of poker; lets have a look at them:

1- Blinds : The blinds are the first two players sitting on the immediate left of the dealer. The first player is called the small blind and the second is called the big blind. ‘Blind’ is the amount of money they contribute at the start of the game, to make up the pot. As all the rounds of in the game, proceed in clockwise direction, the blinds are the first to make their decisions on the table. All the other players either follow their decisions or go against them. So, it’s the blinds, who direct the game.

2- Early position : the two positions after the blinds are called the early positions. This is probably the hardest position to play in, as this is the middle of the table. In this position, you have neither the advantage of making the first moves nor the advantage of waiting for the other players to make their decisions first. You can be successful on this position only if you have a good hand. If you know you have a good pair or two and can make a great hand, you should play confidently and make your raises. In this position, it is essential to be confident of your game play, as the other players, who are sitting after sitting after you, will be looking to take advantage. And if they turn out to have better hands, you will end up bearing the loss.

3- Middle Position: The two positions after the early positions are called the middle positions. These players do have the advantage of knowing the decisions of 4 players before they make their decisions, but also have the disadvantage of making their decisions before the players in late positions. The cards that the players in these positions can afford to chase can be a bit weaker than those in the early positions.

4- Late Positions: These are the last two players to make their moves. They sit to the immediate right of the dealer. They have the advantage to see the decisions made by all the other players before they make their moves. Of these two positions, the player sitting to the right of the dealer is called the button. This player can take the maximum risks. He can even chase the weak cards, as he is able to get an idea of the hands and strengths of all the other players on the table.

Of all the positions, the blinds may be the hardest for the new players, as they are the ones who start all the rounds and thus set the standards of the game.

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